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Visit Bastogne and its villages

The Bastogne Region consists of five municipal entities: a provincial town, Bastogne, and two highly rural municipalities: Bertogne and Sainte-Ode.


Pays de BastogneThese will offer you a rich, preserved nature where you will stay in lodges, hotel rooms and even on the farm in the very heart of the Ardennes.

Bastogne has a proud past marked by the Battle of the Bulge. The Mardasson, a monument erected in the shape of an American star, remains an intact symbol of the sacrifice of American soldiers who fell to preserve our freedom. This town is nonetheless a crossroads where commerce constitutes a unique jewel in the crown of the Province of Luxembourg.

These differences do not prevent the five stars from uniting to offer maximal quality – unity that creates strength and places this high plateau in the Ardennes at the summit of Walloon tourism.

The 4 seasons in the Bastogne Region


automne en Ardennes

It’s Spring.

What’s there to do in the Bastogne Region?

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