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On 24 Jun from 13h to 17h

Fancy Fair - Portes ouvertes

Ecole de Tillet

Adresse : rue de la Croisette 5, 6680 Sainte-Ode

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On 24 Jun
Sports activities

La Route des Saveurs

Web : http://www.gta.be

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From 02 Dec till 14 Oct 2018 on Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun from 10h to 17h
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Exhibition: "André Bosmans – La fourche, le pinceau et la plume"

Admission: Adults: 6€ - over 65: 5€ - Children (6 - 18) / Students: 3€ - Children (under 6)/Teachers/ Journalists: free
Free admission every 1st Sunday in the month

The Musée en Piconrue proposes you a new art and ethnology exhibition. This time, it is farmer and painter André Bosmans who is given the honour place.

The Musée en Piconrue pays this artist who died in 2014 a posthumous hommage, by exhibiting about seventy paintings he made. He painted village scenes, landscapes and portraits according to his wishes and to his mood. His lines describe what was rural and agricultural life in the past with precision, emotion and irony.

Through his canvasses, "André Bosmans. La fourche, la plume et le pinceau" puts the transformations of the 20th and 21st-centuries rural and agricultural world in the foreground, and also the farmers's current distress and the change towards a Western overconsumption society in the foreground.

Whether you visit it in family or with some friends, the "André Bosmans. La fourche, la plume et le pinceau" exhibition and the Musée en Piconrue are an unique experience that is doomed to transmission, to sharing and to meeting.

Web : http://www.piconrue.be

E-mail : piconrue@gmail.com

Tel : +32(0)61 55 00 55

All the year
Exposition de plein air: Les saisons de la photo

Open-air exhibition 'The picture's seasons'

Accessible all long the year. Do get for free the exhibition fold-out page in the Tourist Offices of the concerned entities (Libin, Libramont-Chevigny, Nassogne, Sainte-Ode, Saint-Hubert, Tellin, Tenneville and Wellin).

Do cross the Wide Forest of Saint-Hubert and discover over 480 countryside pictures that are exhibited in the open air in the heart of 28 sites that are outstanding for their countryside aspect, their exceptional historic heritage and their atmisphere that is typical from the Ardennes.

Wild mammals, birds, insects, flowers, trees, landscapes,... are presented through a selection of clichés, very esthetical, sometimes impressive, sometimes touching. These pictures are the work of animal and countryside photographers from everywhere in Europe, who are well known and recognized in the milieu of photograph.

For you not to miss nothing about these exhibitions, several discovery trips to be crossed in a car are proposed. These trips can be dowloaded on a smartphone thanks to the "Promenade à la carte" app. The trips criss-cross the land and they make it possible to join all the exhibitions. They are not market, so, it is possible to start wherever you want, according to your desires !

Web : http://www.lagrandeforetdesainthubert.be

Web (en) : http://www.lessaisonsdelaphoto.be

E-mail : info@lagrandeforetdesainthubert.be

From 15 May till 31 Dec

Expo sur l'histoire des deux frères Heintz