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On 22 Apr from 10h to 18h
Fêtes & Festivités
Brocante et chasse aux oeufs par le Tchession II

Flea market and hunt for eggs by the Tchession II

Flea market : from 5h AM till 6h PM
Hunt for eggs from 2h till 6h

> Flea market booking (3€/meter) by calling
0492.70.55.43 or by Email via mickaelgonset@hotmail.com

Do you want to hunt for antiques and to find some nice pieces? Do you want some chocolate during this period of Easter ?
See you on this april 22 in Sainte-Ode (Allée du centre de vacances, 1)...
It is organized on benefit of the residents for creating a balneotherapy.

Tchession II

Adresse : Allée du Centre de Vacances 1, 6680 Aviscourt

On 24 Apr from 14h30 to 16h

Animation : "A quoi tu joues?"

On 25 Apr 19h30

Conférence : "Écosse, Irlande du Nord, Pays de Galles, Angleterre... Le Royaume désuni"

Mutualité chrétienne

Adresse : rue Pierre Thomas 10R, 6600 Bastogne

On 26 Apr
Fêtes & Festivités

Souper anniversaire de la montée en P1 de la Royale Union Sportive de Sainte-Ode

Le Primordia

Adresse : , 6680 Beauplateau

E-mail : cq.russainteode@gmail.com

Tel : +32(0)475 69 13 79

On 27 Apr from 14h30 to 16h
Training course and Workshop

Atelier récup' : "Création de mangeoires et nichoirs"

Tel : +32(0)478 06 85 51

E-mail : fx.gebka@alimen-t.be

On 27 Apr 14h

Conference by the Horticultural Circle "Shaping and maintenance trimming of fruit trees"

This conference will be lead by Eric GOOSSE
Free admission
See you at 2h next to the entity garages in the rue des Trois-Ponts street in Amberloup

Salle du Conseil communal

Adresse : Moulin des Trois Ponts , 6680 Amberloup

Tel : +32(0)61 68 83 44

On 29 Apr from 13h30 to 15h30, on 13 May from 13h30 to 15h30, and on 03 Jun from 13h30 to 15h30.
Training course and Workshop

Moments de réflexion : "Socrate philosophe"

E-mail : m.braquet@skynet.be

Tel : +32(0)61 21 92 86

From 01 Oct till 24 Jun 2019 on Mon from 19h30 to 21h
Training course and Workshop

Atelier de danse folk

Ecole Saint-Joseph

Adresse : , 6600 Bastogne

E-mail : m.braquet@skynet.be

Tel : +32(0)61 21 92 86

From 09 Mar till 02 Jun

"Voyage en Ardenne baroque - scholtus maître-sculpteur"

E-mail : nfo@piconrue.be

Web : https://www.piconrue.be/fr/

Tel : +32(0)61 55 00 55

From 20 Apr till 02 Jun

Exposition de Charles-Henry Sommelette et Emmanuel Tête