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From 08 till 09 Dec
Marchés, brocantes & Foires

Noël éternel

Tel : +32(0)482 27 49 10

On 09 Dec
Sports activities
Marche nordique et fitness

Marche nordique et fitness

Ardenne Nordic Park

Adresse : rue de la Gare 5, 6680 Sainte-Ode

FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/ArdenneNordicWalking

Tel : +32(0)471 58 48 30

E-mail : ardenne.nordic.walking@hotmail.com

Web : http://www.ardenne-nordic-walking.be

On 14 Dec from 18h to 22h
Marchés, brocantes & Foires

Marché de Noël

Place Sainte-Mère Eglise

Adresse : place Sainte-Mère-Eglise , 6680 Amberloup

E-mail : laurence.martin51@gmail.com

Tel : +32(0)490 13 01 43

From 14 till 16 Dec
Fêtes & Festivités

"Un week-end pour se souvenir" a weekend for remembering

On Saturday December 15 : Marche du Périmètre walk
41st walk of the Defensive Zone of Bastogne
Registrations to the walk : On friday December 14 from 3h00 till 8h00 PM and on Saturday December 15 from 7h00 till 9h30 AM
Place : Start from the Sport Centre Porte de Trèves – rue G. Delperdange in Bastogne
Hours : Start between 7h00 and 9h30 AM
Price : 6€/person (the payment will be done on the very day).
Patriotic Ceremony - Places and hours :
3h00 :|Patriotic procession in the Grand-rue + depositing of flowers on the Patton and McAuliffe memorials
4h00 : Nuts throwing from the balcoon of the Town Hall
6h30: Mass for those who were shot (Thomas, Delperdange, Renquin) at the Saint-Pierre church.

Tel : +32 61 240 931

E-mail : l.thonus@bastogne.be

From 14 till 16 Dec on Fri from 9h30 to 20h30, on Sat from 9h30 to 22h, and on Sun from 9h30 to 18h

Weekend "Nuts!"

On Friday:
- Inauguration of the «History through their EYES» exhibition
- At 2h00 PM: Conference by Melchior Wathelet (advocate-general at the European Court of Justice, Emeritus State Minister)
- From 6h30 till 8h30 PM: Screening of the documentary «Searching for Augusta» by Mike Edwards and Martin King, in presence of Martin King

On Saturday:
- Sale of copies of military equipments (Quartermaster Inspector)
- Static reconstruction around the Bastogne War Museum
- History books and documents exchange
From 6h00 PM till 10h00: Meetings, conferences and dédications by the authors

On Sunday:
- From 11h00 till 4h00 PM: Meeting with some veterans and witnesses from the Second World War
- Confirmed presence of Vince Speranza, 101st Airborne veteran

From 14 till 23 Dec on Fri, Sat and Sun
Marchés, brocantes & Foires
Marché de Noël de Bastogne
Marché de Noël de Bastogne
Marché de Noël de Bastogne

Christmas market in Bastogne

On Fridays 14 and 21 from 04h00 till midnight
On saturdays 15 and 22 de 02h00 à 01h00 AM
On Sundays 16 and 23 from 12h00 till 09h00 PM

Several cottages will wait for you on place Saint-Pierre and Porte de Trèves.

Over 50 exhibitors will wait for you for having you discover their local products.

Your children won't be forgotten thanks to the synthetic ice rink, to the flying chairs carousel and to Santa Claus's house.

NOT TO BE MISSED : A sledge rink in ice for a maximum of sensations. 4 lanes long 30 meters each will wait for children and adults who want to experience sliding.

Varied concerts, shows and some other activities will plunge you into the Christmas magic.

Quartier Latin

Adresse : , 6600 Bastogne

Web : http://www.bastogne-tourisme.be

Tel : +32(0)61 21 27

On 15 Dec

Balade des crèches


Adresse : , 6681 Lavacherie

Tel : +32(0)482 27 49 10

On 15 Dec 20h
Concert d'Hiver

Concert d'Hiver

Tel : +32(0)61 61 61 09

On 17 Dec from 13h30 to 15h30, on 21 Jan from 13h30 to 15h30, on 18 Feb from 13h30 to 15h30, on 18 Mar from 13h30 to 15h30, on 01 Apr from 13h30 to 15h30, on 29 Apr from 13h30 to 15h30, on 13 May from 13h30 to 15h30, and on 03 Jun from 13h30 to 15h30.
Training course and Workshop

Moments de réflexion : "Socrate philosophe"

E-mail : m.braquet@skynet.be

Tel : +32(0)61 21 92 86

From 20 till 23 Dec
Noël des Cathédrales

Cathedrals Christmas "The Magi's journey"

Dance, cricus, magic, enchanting music and plenty of sequins are on schedule.

The wind blows and some wide sand dunes stand out far off.
Heath is unbearable and thus, an inexplicable strength makes you stand up.
Some shadows get closer and take shape.
They are in three.
Three Magi looking for the evening star !
Do set up on an extraordinary journey, and help them to find the light through mounts and mirages, so far away that there is a risk this trip goes to your head with an incredible performance, that is unique in the world !
Once again, stage magician Luc PETIT will lead you in his dream and he will dive you in his fairy universe in one of the most beautiful Cathedrals of Brussels and Wallonia, during a show.
Ride your camel, hang up your children and be ready to meet what is unexpected.

Prices : between 9€ and 35€
Free admission for children aged under 2years.
10% discount on 2nd category places from 20 people on

Tel : +32(0)470 92 42 29

E-mail : info@nocturnales.be

Web : http://www.nocturales.be

On 21 Dec 19h30

Art et décoration de la table pour les fêtes de fin d’année

Administration communale de Sainte-Ode

Adresse : rue des Trois-Ponts 46, 6680 Sainte-Ode

Tel : +32(0)61 68 83 44

On 21 Dec from 15h to 22h
Marchés, brocantes & Foires

Marché de Noël

Tchession II

Adresse : Allée du Centre de Vacances 1, 6680 Aviscourt

On 22 Dec 20h
Concert de Noël

Concert de Noël

Tel : +32(0)479 85 88 65

On 31 Dec

Banquet de la Saint-Sylvestre

Tel : +32(0)473 91 71 02

On 31 Dec 19h

Réveillon de l'an neuf

Salle Les Jonquilles

Adresse : rue Arc-en-Ciel 35, 6870 Houmont

All year round
Exposition de plein air: Les saisons de la photo

Open-air picture exhibition: Les saisons de la photo

Accessible all long the year. Do get for free the exhibition fold-out page in the Tourist Offices of the concerned entities (Libin, Libramont-Chevigny, Nassogne, Sainte-Ode, Saint-Hubert, Tellin, Tenneville and Wellin).

Do cross the Wide Forest of Saint-Hubert and discover over 480 countryside pictures that are exhibited in the open air in the heart of 28 sites that are outstanding for their countryside aspect, their exceptional historic heritage and their atmisphere that is typical from the Ardennes.

Wild mammals, birds, insects, flowers, trees, landscapes,... are presented through a selection of clichés, very esthetical, sometimes impressive, sometimes touching. These pictures are the work of animal and countryside photographers from everywhere in Europe, who are well known and recognized in the milieu of photograph.

For you not to miss nothing about these exhibitions, several discovery trips to be crossed in a car are proposed. These trips can be downloaded on a smartphone thanks to the « Promenade à la carte» app. The trips cut across the land and they make it possible to join all the exhibitions. They are not market, so, it is possible to start wherever you want, according to your desires !

Web (en) : http://www.lessaisonsdelaphoto.be

E-mail : info@lagrandeforetdesainthubert.be

Web : http://www.lagrandeforetdesainthubert.be

From 15 May till 31 Dec

Expo sur l'histoire des deux frères Heintz

From 24 Sep till 10 Dec on Mon from 9h to 10h
Training course and Workshop

Ateliers : "Prévention des chutes"

E-mail : nicolefranka@hotmail.com

Tel : +32(0)61 21 43 71

From 01 Oct till 24 Jun 2019 on Mon from 19h30 to 21h
Training course and Workshop

Atelier de danse folk

Ecole Saint-Joseph

Adresse : , 6600 Bastogne

E-mail : nicolefranka@hotmail.com

Tel : +32(0)61 21 43 71

From 19 Oct till 03 Feb 2019

Expo-focus de photographies : "Dis Monsieur, c'est quoi grandir !?"

Tel : +32(0)61 55 00 55

E-mail : piconrue@gmail.com

Web : http://www.piconrue.be

From 29 Nov till 03 Feb 2019

Exposition : "La fourche, la plume et le pinceau"

E-mail : piconrue@gmail.com

Tel : +32(0)61 55 00 55

Web : http://www.piconrue.be

From 01 Dec till 06 Jan 2019
Exposition :

Exposition : "Tout semble si haut dans le ciel"